Who can use cephalometric equipment, beam limiting devices, Position Indicating Devices (PID’s), and film holding instruments?

Orthodontists, Oral Surgeons, General Dentists, Pediatric Dentists.

What?… and Why?

Cephalometric radiography is used for the production of traceable skull radiographs which are fundamental to the diagnosis and treatment planning of all orthodontic cases; and are also useful in making measurements of the cranium and orofacial complex. The Cephalometer is made up of two primary components: (1) the Cephalostat, and (2) the Fixator/Collimator.

Beam Limiting Devices (BLD’s) prevent excess scatter radiation and shape the x-ray beam to the size of the image receptor. PID’s (open-end lead-lined cones) are required to establish a minimum Source to Skin Distance and confine the x-ray beam to a minimum size required to establish a minimum size required by DHHS. Film holding instruments aid in the placement and alignment of periapical and bite-wing x-rays and help to eliminate cone cutting and misalignment.