Margraf CX2100 Cephalometric Units

CX2100 Patient Head Positioner and Cassette Holder (Cephalostat)

The CX2100 is our most versatile cephalometric system. It can be quickly disengaged from the wall when it is not being used, and remounted without loss of alignment. The CX2100 is shown in the STANDARD (left to right) configuration mounted on two white PVC placards. The CX2100 can be mounted on the same wall on either side of the x-ray unit. It can also span a doorway or window. The unit can also be mounted on adjacent walls and can be setup for REVERSE (right to left) configuration.

NOTE! Direction is usually referred to from the perspective of “looking at the wall”

STANDARD – Left to Right = X-ray head on left and Patient on right
REVERSE – Right to Left = X-ray head on right and Patient on left


  1. The CX2100 can be quickly disengaged from the wall plate (on-off) capabilities for both the “Cephalostat” and “Fixator/Collimator”, which maximizes the flexibility of location in the operatory, especially where an operatory serves as a dual function or where space is of primary concern.
  2. A sturdy design, that allows no patient ear post movement or misalignment once initially positioned and locked. Thus stabilizing the patient in a fixed position along the path of the central x-ray beam which is directed through the transmeatal axis of the patient. This is essential for consistently accurate radiographs.
  3. The unit has a film “cassette stop” which is utilized in maximizing “film placement to patient head” positioning. This is absolutely necessary due to Radiation Safety requirements for x-ray field size and alignment. By having a “cassette stop,” the placement of the film cassette is positioned to eliminate cone cutting, yet permitting the maximum patient head coverage.
  4. Positive alignment indicators are present in each radiograph to assure consistent, accurate radiographs.
  5. The CX2100 is utilized for lateral views along with capabilities for anterior (AP) views and submental vertex (SMV) radiographs for analyzing condyle angulation.
  6. The “Fixator/Box-Type Collimator” can be utilized with all x-ray units by inserting the x-ray PID (cone) into the Collimator. The Fixator/Collimator also has vertical and horizontal adjustments.
  7. Naturally a package that includes a “Soft Tissue Shield” for soft tissue profile is also available.
  8. The unit is easily “factory” customized, giving flexibility of installation in various office designs. In the field, the CX2100 can easily be changed from a STANDARD setup to a REVERSE setup direction.
  9. The CX2100 Patient Head Positioner allows no movement of the patient ear posts once locked in position, thus stabilizing the patient in a fixed position. The nasion positioner is necessary to stabilize the patient for the Frankfort Horizontal Plane. Patient-to-film distance is at a minimum so you obtain maximum image sharpness.

As with all of the Margraf Cephalometric units, the CX2100 is also compatible with either digital or analog (conventional) periapical x-ray systems because our CX2100 maintains a constant source-to-image distance and constant patient-to-film distance in order to obtain maximum image sharpness.

The CX2100 is designed to provide the most reliable of tools for maximum visualization and diagnosis of cephalometric radiographs.

The CX2100 incorporates and provides you with features which are necessary to meet the demands of today’s orthodontic arena yet are not available on most other manufactured units.

Fixator / Box-Type Collimator

The Fixator/Collimator provides stability and alignment for the x-ray head and collimates (limits) the x-ray field to the size of the 8 x 10 image receptor (cassette). The unit accepts any x-ray PID (cone), or one is provided with the collimator.

Fixator Bracket and Collimator Removed

The Fixator/Collimator can easily be disengaged from the wall plate and reinstalled quickly and simply.

Shows the CX2100 Cephalostat removed. This is a standard feature with our CX2100.

As you can see, this offers great flexibility for your office, with nothing protruding out into the operatory space. There is only one locking knob, which simplifies the disengaging and reinstallation of the unit.

Please do not hesitate to call our toll free number for further information on our packaging prices which include: 8 x 10 Cassettes, Soft Tissue Shields and “The Traveler” Pump Stool.

Here is a picture of a ceph installed in a dental office.

They said it couldn’t be done!!! But, we do it all of the time! This Ceph Unit was installed in Myrtle Beach, SC by Margraf Dental. The dental office was told they would have to purchase an expensive new PanCeph and that reconstruction would be necessary in order for it to fit in their office. They were told a wall mounted Ceph unit could not be installed. Obviously, they were not aware of Margraf Dental CX2100’s flexibility to fit in all offices, while maintaining textbook midsagittal plane distance. The Doctor was happy, and we saved her 1000’s of dollars.