Cephalometric Attachments


The frontal head positioner provides accurate alignment for the anterior-posterior view of the skull. The frontal unit is easily and quickly attached to the cephalostat.

Model 76-7500-036 / 76-CX2100-036  SOFT TISSUE SHIELD

The soft tissue profile of the lateral skull view is the most important of all radiolucent images seen in cephalometric radiographs. The soft tissue shield is made from aluminum and is the shape of a wedge filter. The shield absorbs excess radiation in the soft tissue area of the patient’s profile, thereby reducing over-exposure and soft tissue “burnout”. The shield is located in the x-ray beam between the patient and the cassette, and is easily removed when not in use. The shield can be adjusted to the patient’s profile.

Model 76-CX6551 Box Type Collimator / Fixator (Beam Limiting Device)

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This unit can be utilized with all x-ray units. The x-ray cone is inserted into the collimating box, then locked in a fixed position. The unit thereby insures positive beam alignment and specific (vertical or horizontal) 8 x 10 orientation. It is a beam-limiting device, preventing excess scatter radiation beyond the size of the film cassette.